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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Open House

Tonight was Open House at my school.  I love to see how the children light up when they share about their classroom.  

I had iPhoto playing a slide show of pictures I took on the first day of school and while the children were working.  iTunes played one of my favorite piano play lists in the background.  Scentsy's pumpkin aroma filled the air. 

For the last several years I have been doing a scavenger hunt.  Basically, I type a list of activities or items I want my student to share with his or her family.  When the list is complete, my student brings the list to me and gets to pick out a free book.  

.Some of the items on this years scavenger hunt list:
  • Sign in
  • Sign up for parent conferences
  • Share the contents of your desk
  • Share your pocket/morning jobs
  • Read Around the room
  • Share your classroom job(s)
  • Look at a book from our classroom library
  • Share your rain forest project
  • Take home your rain forest project and any papers on your desk 
In years past, I had an estimation jar as part of fun.  Whoever had the family member that had the closest estimate took home what was in the jar the next day.  I am not a fan of giving out candy, so I usually put math counters in there as the prize.

I have also had the children do a self portrait and asked the family to guess which one was theirs.

Every year I like to do things a little differently...

Every year it is a lovely evening!

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