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Saturday, January 23, 2016

100th Day is Almost Here!

This is what I plan to do in my First Grade classroom on the 100th day of school.
  • Read a book about the 100th day then have the children go on a hunt for 100 words around the room. 
  • I asked the children to bring in 100 objects that can be glued down (e.g. Cheerios, goldfish, paper scraps...)  We will make an addition problem with these objects.  60+40=100.  The students will glue them down in groups of ten on a paper to make a model of the problem.  
  • I hope to do the fruit loop necklaces where we put 100 on the necklace (in groups of 10 of course).  
  • Draw and write about when the children are 100 years old.
  • Make 100th day hats to wear.
  • When they are at special area, I will hide 100 Hershey Kisses in the classroom for a Hershey Kiss hunt.  It is kind of like an Easter Egg hunt except each kiss is numbered and when they find one they have to put it on the 100 chart.
  • We might do 100 stamps books.
  • We will write our numbers 1-100.  
  • I am considering having them crumple  up 100 pieces of white scrap paper that we distribute evenly to do a 100th day "snowball" fight.  (We live in Florida so it is as close as we get to snow.
Honestly, I would love to do "Oodles" more like in the old days when we teachers were allowed more wiggle room to be creative (and didn't have oodles of accountability).  With it also being Literacy Week and Class Picture Day, doing what is on this list along with the curriculum will be a feat.  

I love my kiddos and want them to have fun.  I wish there was more time in the day!