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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Amazing Free Apps for Learning

Free Books:
This is an app that provides access to over 23,469 classic materials.

History:  Maps of the World:
Here is a free app that is an excellent resource for social studies instruction.

The Best Free 22 iPad Educational Apps for Kids is a wonderful blog that has descriptions and links to all these wonderful apps!

Animal Fun
This app has a large variety of animals and the sounds that they make.  I would use this in a compare and contrast lesson.

Draw Free for iPad
Great drawing app to inspire stories.

ABC Magnetic Alphabet Lite
A great variation to using magnetic manipulatives (less messy)!

Flower Garden Free
An excellent resource to use when teaching students about plant growth.

Free Spelling Apps for Kids
This link connects you to a wide variety of free spelling resources.

PBS Kids Video
You can watch clips of shows on PBS.

ABC Letter Tracing
A great app for both handwriting practice and letter name practice.

Kids Song-207 Most Popular Kids Songs
It looks like there are a lot of rhyming songs.  Good for teaching phonemic awareness...

Read Me Stories-Children's Books
A new book is added everyday!

BrainPOP Jr. Movie of the Week
It has videos in multiple subjects.  Great for introducing or reviewing a new concept.

Great for reviewing math skills.

Baby Flash Cards
450 + flashcards app for babies, Preschool kids and Kindergarten kids.  Learn colors, letters, music, numbers, animals, and food. 

I Like School- Books for Children
Free books for children 0-6 years old.

Animals Counting Writing Game
Basic counting and number recognition

White Board
Turn your iPad into a white board!

You just have to check out this page to see how it works.  It sounds like it would be great in centers!

Word Joust K-5
Great app for building vocabulary.

Phonics Tic-Tac-Toe Interactive Game
It explores vowel sounds, syllables, and more.  It is created by Lakeshore!

Toy Story Read-Along
Interactive story with games, sing alongs, coloring pages, etc.

Kindertown Preschool and Kindergarten Educational Games
This is a search tool for finding age appropriate apps. It appears to search for apps appropriate for
 ages 3-8.

Animals 360
Discover animals and habitats.  Great for teaching science.

MathTappers Clock Master
Helps children learn time.

Dinosaurs:  The American Museum of Natural History Collections
What kid does not like dinosaurs?

MathTappers Find Sums
Helps children learn how to add.

Kids Count US Coins to Learn Money Values
Free introduction to help children learn how to count money.

Counting Coins
Another app that teaches kids how to count money (coins).

Adventures Undersea Math Addition
Helps children learn to add.

EasyBee Age Calculator
A useful tool for calculating a child's age.

Flashcards App
This app is so much more than just flashcards.  It can help teach your students words in several different languages.  There are also spelling games and word matching games.  Check out this app!

Primary Writer
This looks like a cool app to inspire young writers.

First Grade Learning Games
10 mini games to review first grade skills.

Sentence Builder for K-2
Check this app out!

Kids Picture Dictionary
A useful teaching tool.

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  1. Great post. I was trying to find the best education apps for kids when I came across your post. I don't have kids but my niece and nephews play with my phone every time I see them. I want something fun and educational for them. Thanks so much for sharing, this was very helpful.

    1. I'm glad it helps! At the app store on your phone you can type in reading and oodles of apps will pop up. There really are a lot to choose from!