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Monday, August 20, 2012

Morning Routine Cards

Here is another idea that I plan to implement this year to help children learn the morning routine.

From 7:20 until 7:45 am children stagger into the classroom.  Some have eaten breakfast at home whereas others need to go to breakfast.  Since they all come in at varying times a routine is essential.

I made a set of picture cards that correspond to our morning jobs.  Each child will receive their own set. They will keep them in a library card pocket (an envelope or ziploc baggie could work just as well).

After they have had breakfast, each student will go to his or her desk and spread out the morning routine task cards.  As the student completes each job, he/she places the task card back into the library pocket.

My task cards include:
  • Turning in the blue folder/notebook to blue basket
  • Turning in homework/notes to reading table basket
  • Hanging up backpack on a hook
  • Setting lunchbox on shelf and snack on nametag
  • Getting two sharp pencils from the green pencil cup
  • Getting a drink of water and using the restroom
  • Checking the board for directions/morning work
  • Doing morning work
  • Reading a book when finished with morning work
I left a card blank to have students create a card for going to the library.  We can always add or delete cards throughout the year if the routine changes.

School Kids at SchoolYou can get a copy of my task cards here:  TASK CARDS


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