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Friday, August 24, 2012

Nursery Rhyme Powerpoint Idea (Kindergarten)

Mary, Mary quite contrary.

Several years ago when I taught Kindergarten, I made a nursery rhyme powerpoint presentation for my class.  As we learned each rhyme I would color/highlight the rhyming words or whatever focus skill or sound pattern we were learning.  After the children memorized the rhyme, I recorded them reciting it and added it to the presentation.

Each day we would review the powerpoint and each week it would grow  a wee bit longer with each new rhyme.  The children were highly engaged in the activity and it helped build their reading fluency.  I especially liked how we were able to quickly review each focus skill.  The nursery rhymes became my transitions in class.  Whenever we moved from circle time to our desks or our desks to circle time, we would recite a rhyme.  We would recite a rhyme while distributing materials.  Everything had a flow...

If I had time I would do this again with first grade poetry.  I have to have the time to find the just right poems and to create the powerpoint...  The just right poems would have to relate to our curriculum and be a quick review of the focus skill.  Perhaps one day... I still love the rhythm and rhyme of nursery rhymes though...

If I did it this time I probably would have to add cute clip art too!

...and the dish ran away with the spoon!

 If you like the clip art, check out


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