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Monday, August 20, 2012

Sticker Books

Smiley Drawing

I have always been a sticker fanatic so I guess I get to let out my inner child by passing out stickers.  As much as I love stickers, I do not love peeling them off of furniture or the floor.  Every year I make a simple sticker book that can fit in my students' pencil box.

You can get two sticker book covers from one piece of 8x11 construction paper.  Cut it in half like a hamburger (wide) and fold it in half.  Write My Sticker Book on the cover.  Inside I take two pieces of copy paper cut in half and folded in half to make an eight page mini book.  More pages can be added or you can create another book when this one is full.

When I give the children a sticker, I give them a choice: hand, shirt, or sticker book.  Early on I tell them that they can save their collection in the book.  It is wonderful to watch them keep track and count their stickers repeatedly throughout the year (one to one correlation).  They compare who has more and who has less with people sitting around them (yet another math skill).

This year I was thinking about using the sticker book as an inspiration for writer's workshop,  If they every get stuck on what to write about, they can flip through their sticker book for ideas.  You can even have them close their eyes and then randomly put their finger on a sticker.  Whatever sticker their finger lands on is the sticker that they have to describe to a partner or write about (using a specific number of adjectives).

The possibilities are endless...


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