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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans are always evolving.  As the year progresses in first grade the time it takes to complete assignments change as well as the amount of time the children can focus on independently.  Group work becomes more productive as well.

I've tried many different formats for my plans from hand written to having them completely typed.  They have also varied in length from five pages (one for each day) to two pages for the whole week.  Each year I tweak them, always trying to be more efficient and find the best use of time during the day.  I like my plans to be highly functional where I can refer to them quickly, complete them quickly, but where they also contain all the necessary information.

For me I like a typed format where I hand write part of the plans.  Sometimes I like to work on them when I am away from the computer and this affords me the opportunity but it also saves me from writing the same thing repeatedly.

Here are the plans that I am using right now.  In the future I will take pictures of plans from the past.  I would love for you to share what works for you!



  1. If Darwin was still around I'd ask him to study the evolution of Lesson Plans and the time we humans spend creating them!! I have recently disvovered the free Lesson Plans from Share My Lesson . These are exising resources that educators have shared... is 'sharing' the missing link?

    1. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful resource! I look forward to exploring it more thoroughly in the near future. "Sharing" IS the missing link! ;)