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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Scholastic Book Clubs

I absolutely love Scholastic Book Clubs!  At the beginning of every year, I send home a couple of book order pamphlets.  Scholastic often offers the best bonus points deals at this time.  I like to stock up on bargain books for Accelerated Reader Awards and for classroom gifts. 

This year I am going to try something a little different.  Normally I send home the book order monthly and it gradually tapers off.  Instead I think I will send it home only four times this year.
  • September - Back to School books - Everyone is excited!
  • November - Holiday books - Great for giving as gifts!
  • February - Half of the year is already over (practice, practice, practice) - Allows me to replenish my supplies...
  • April - Stock up on summer reads - I can start building up my bonus points for next year.
I plan on creating a letter so that my class families are aware that there will be opportunities to order throughout the year but that they are limited. 

By only sending off four orders...
  1. The children still get to experience book orders.
  2. I spend less time and money ordering books.
  3. Bonus points build up more because the orders are often larger.
I highly recommend sending home the code so that the parents can order online.  It is incredibly easy and it saves you so much time.

I got a little carried away on this book order...

I always get a little carried away on book orders...
Thankfully there are only three more left to do this year!

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