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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fun Vocabulary Builder

A fun way for kids to learn new vocabulary is to have them make a classroom museum.  Basically each child is given a word and they have to make a model of that word using clay (or play-doh).  They also make a sign for their exhibit with the word and an explanation of what the word means.  Once everyone completes their exhibit the class goes on a museum tour and the children read and discuss the clay models as they walk around the room.

If you want to take grade or document the activity, you can have them fill out the Museum Exhibit Report form.  The report form is a useful tool for the children to help them maintain focus while sharing with the class or their buddy.  It's only one dollar on Teachers Pay Teachers!

Afterwards, the children buddy up and discuss their word and their thought process behind the model.  The children then take pictures of each "exhibit."  The teacher loads the pictures into a slide show or a PowerPoint and then the class reviews the words each day.

It's a great way for the children to be engaged and to build their vocabulary.

You could also have the children write about their museum experience or you could have them list as many new words as they can and then share the lists (the possibilities are endless).

Note:  If you do not want each child to do their own word, you can have them work with a partner or a group of three.  If you have them do groups I would have a plan for dividing up the responsibilities.  One person could be the artist, one could create the label/sign, and the other could be the reporter/photographer.

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