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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Stars, Stars, Stars!

This is just a random post...

I've finally decided on a theme for my room after thirteen years of teaching!  In the past I was a cow fanatic and had some cow decor (not enough to "cow up" the room).  After many years loving cows, I starting adding owls.  Last year my board read "Who's in the Mood for Learning?" Who - Owl and Mood - Cow.  As you can see I couldn't let the cow bit go...
Well I've decided to slowly revamp my room and do it all in stars!  I even plan to put some glow in the dark stars on the ceiling.  If it wasn't for the fire marshall, I would have sight words on the ceiling too.  I've always wanted to secure a bunch of high frequency words to the ceiling and make a game of turning out the lights and shining a flashlight on the words.  When my daughter gets older I might do this in her room!

I am so excited!  I will post pictures as the transformation occurs.

Next year I want to make goodie bags that read, "First Grade All Star." I will have oodles of star stickers on the tag.  I love that stars are so accessible so I can easily find decorations to continue the theme.

Some possible catch phrases:

You are STARting First Grade!
You shine in First Grade.
Shining First Grade Stars
STARt Reading Every Day to be a Star Reader!
STAR time (independent reading-Stop Talking and READ!)-Not sure if I like this one...because it is great to talk about books.
S-Star Students
T-Try their Best
R-Read Everyday

I would love feedback and ideas ... anything cute and related to STARS.

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