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Monday, March 4, 2013

Favorite Advice

I am linking up with Dragonflies in First to share the best advice from mentors/peers.  It is hard to choose because there are so many words of wisdom that have been so helpful.  If I had to choose one it is based on what a current first grade coworker shared with me one day...

Assign each child a number and have them write it on all their papers.  This makes filing a dream (especially if you have a helper).  It facilitates writing grades in the grade book, checking out books (inventory) , and it lends itself to this catchy tune I created.

Number, name, and date.
Number, name, and date.
isn't it great to write your number, name, and date.

Tune:  Farmer in the Dell (I believe)

We sing this song before every activity.

Each child having a number can be used for a multitude of things including mailboxes and lining up.  The possibilities are endless!


  1. Thanks for linking up! I find the numbers are SUPER helpful on their homework folders... so quick and easy to see who didn't turn in their homework. Great advice!
    ❤DragonfliesinFirst ❤

  2. It was fun linking up. I found your blog through Extra Special Teaching's blog. I'm so glad I did!