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Friday, March 29, 2013

Five for Friday (Good Friday 3/29)

I'm linking up with DoodleBugsTeaching for another Five for Friday!

1.  Spring Break is almost over!  I've enjoyed time with my family, working on my blog, and not feeling "rushed."

Please check out my end of the year class yearbook at my TpT store.  It really is a wonderful activity and the end of the year just sneaks up.  It is a big hit every year with the kids.  I am so excited to use this updated version.

2.  Three years ago, I was in California on Good Friday.  It was the last time I've been "home."  Even though I left CA at 21 and since lived in two other states, I still think of myself as a California Girl.  I was born in the valley after all, like totally. :)  On that same trip, I visited Arizona (my favorite place).  This is the view I miss more that I can put into words.  I love the mountains.  Even though the sun has not come all the way up in this picture, I know that the sky will soon be the most brilliant pinks, oranges, and purples.  It's the anticipation of the beauty to come.
3.  Yesterday I spent the day at my daughters daycare/school.  It was so fun.  She is not even a year old and had an egg hunt and a party.  I got to see the teacher do "line time" with six one year olds and almost one year olds.  They started with a song called, "Today is Thursday."  She read a short Bible story.  They sang the alphabet song and she signed it (just like I did when I taught Kindergarten). She read a book on the colors and a book with counting.  The kids were well behaved and were participating.  It was wonderful to see!  After that it was unstructured play for awhile.  She met with them again later for line time and read more stories and sang songs.  The kids knew the routines and I feel even better about sending her there when I go to work.  I still wish she could be with me all day.  I don't think that will ever change but at least I know that she is learning and is cared for.

It was interesting to experience the egg hunt and party from a parent perspective.  I was so nervous going to volunteer.
4.  Tomorrow I will tackle the huge bag of school work that I brought home to work on.  Where does the time go?

5.  Next week I will have to hit the ground running at school.  Only 8-9 more weeks left and testing is just around the corner.  This year has gone too fast.  I need more time with these babies.  Since I can't slow time down, I will will have to plan well and use every second.  Time management is oh so important!