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Friday, March 29, 2013

Giggle Moments Linky Party

Whenever you think your day is rough, imagine that poor newbie substitute who steps into an inner city kindergarten classroom ...

I always try to leave detailed plans for my substitutes.  Several years ago the substitute left a detailed note for ME.  It was a shocking note to say the least.  The gist was that he was considering being a teacher but thanks to this experience, he realizes that it wouldn't be a good idea.

Days later, I was still finding crayons in places crayons should not go... 

You could even link up any products that have silly written all over them...


  1. Oh that poor substitute teacher! I have a challenging bunch this year and one of my substitutes skipped the long letter of details and just wrote "This class is too energetic. Don't call me back." Ouch!
    On the other hand, when a different substitute had been really strict and I later asked how the day went, the kiddos said "That lady just BOSSED us around all day!! Never be sick again!" :-)

    1. Ouch! It is so hard being out. It is almost more work because you have to leave so many notes and make sure you have everything out at the sub's fingertips. There is just so much we do everyday that is second nature...