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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Star Reader Reading Log

This is my newest product.  Even if you choose not to purchase this one, I've listed some ideas on how reading logs in general can be used in the classroom.

For $2.00 I've enclosed a few variations of the same reading log so that you can choose the version that works best in your classroom. 

!. You can use this form in class to hold your children accountable for reading during independent reading or center time. At the end of readers' workshop or independent reading, collect the reading logs and briefly question the children about the book/books listed. I usually draw the names of 2-3 students. (I have them written on popsicle sticks in a cup.) You can ask a quick question like who was the main character in the book? How do you know? Or what was your favorite part and why?

2. The reading log can be used to track Accelerated Reader (AR) points. (If your school participates in this program)

3. It can be used to document time read with parents at home or with a volunteer in the classroom. This works well if you participate in the Book It program.

4. You can even have the children practice rate the books they read. This can guide your discussion during reader's workshop.

I hope you find these reading logs helpful in your classroom.

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