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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Thank You Cards (End of the Year)

On the last days of school, I like to have the kids create thank you cards for the special area teachers, office staff, and cafeteria workers.  Sometimes I turn them into thank you books where the kids each write their own letter and draw a picture.  I staple all the pages and add a cute cover.  Other times we make "big" cards.  This entry is about the "big" cards.

This week we made a "big" card (like a big book) for the music teacher.  We started out by brainstorming what shape to make the card design by listing our ideas on the board.  Next we made a plan by deciding which idea was feasible to implement.  On the list there was:  heart, instruments, and music note.

We had a lively discussion about which instrument to choose but then someone suggested we cut out a huge music note and everyone draws an instrument.  I guided the class into making colorful instruments on small papers that they cut out and glued to the music note.

On the inside we did a shared writing activity where we came up with the special message and then each child signed the card.

I love this time of lesson because it has a real world connection.  It also is a great way to teach the children how to show appreciation of others.

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