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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Lowery's Loft

I'm sorry that I have not been posting as much as in the past!  I am trying to start up Lowery's Loft in addition to my GroovyEducator endeavors.

Lowery's Loft is a place where you can find items "Vintage to New and Affordable Too!"

Right now I am trying different categories of items like costume jewelry, purses/handbags, toys, games, collectibles, etc.  Later I plan to include some school items like treasure box lots, books, and teacher friendly items.

I have never been a jewelry person but it is turning into a passion.  I LOVE learning about the history of some of the vintage items.  I marvel at pins that are sixty years old and appear new!  I image where each item may have traveled and even its origin and the artist's "vision" or inspiration.

Quality costume jewelry is perfect for elementary school teachers.  It looks nice and its affordable.  If it breaks or is lost, it will not break the bank.  Working with young children and constantly moving/bending/stooping all day makes it fairly likely something will be either scratched or lost.

I created a new blog, Lowery's Loft, where I will post about various items I am selling and interesting things I learn along the way.

I hope that you continue to visit GroovyEducator and find time to stop by Lowery's Loft.

You can also like Lowery's Loft on Facebook.