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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Ramblings About Getting This School Year Started

Last week I went to work in my room.  It was the first time I've been back since closing it out last year.  I wanted to return earlier but the air conditioning was out on my hall most of the summer.   Therefore my room was one of the last ones to be cleaned.  I found out that I have to wait until Monday to go back because the hall floor was stripped and the custodians were going to lay the wax down.

Last year before I left I drew a map of the possible room arrangement for this year so I was able to quickly place the furniture.  Well, it wasn't as quick as I'd like... I brought my angel (my new baby) with me.  She is going to be four months old next week and she wanted oodles of attention.  I love her so much so it was harder to focus on work than usual.  I moved a desk then ran over and cooed at her, moved another desk ran back and cooed some more.  By the end of the day I was exhausted and did not accomplish as much as I'm used to.  Thankfully I planned out the room arrangement before I left.

Tomorrow is finally Monday and I am heading back to work in my room.  My husband is off from work so he volunteered to watch our sweet baby.  It will be hard being away from her but I need some time to get in there and really get down to business before every one else comes back to work.  Next Monday is our official start day so it will be a week full of socializing and meetings.  Before next Monday my goal is to have my furniture in place (check), bulletin boards up, and an outline for the first day back with the kids.  I also want to have all my to do lists written out so that I can stay focused with so much going on.  If I'm really efficient I would like to go through my files and purge since so much is found online nowadays.

This weekend was a tax free holiday for school supplies in my state.  I ran over to the teacher store and purchased some new calendar materials, border, and posters.  Every year I like to change up something.  This year the focus is my calendar board.  I have used the same pocket chart for over a decade!!!  (I hate to admit that!  I did change out the calendar pieces though...) This year I purchased the write and wipe calendar.  It is so colorful  I am excited to try our something new.  Being able to be creative and evolve is part of what makes this job wonderful.  The kids are the key though!

The plan for tomorrow is to go in and start on those bulletin boards.  I bought two bright blue king size flat sheets at a local thrift store.  One I am going to cover up the inside recess toy shelf and the other might be the background for the calendar bulletin board.  This is going to be the first time I am going to use a sheet for the board, usually I buy fabric on clearance.  I also bought this sheer blue curtain to cover up the blackboards.  I do not like the look of the chalkboards but I love that they are magnetic.  If I can make them decorative and functional, it will be a win, win situation.  I will try to take some pictures and upload them in my next post.

Well, this entry is more like a journal and is unlike most of my other posts.  Writing out my ideas is helping me organize my thoughts and get into the groove of things.  I will probably write a few  more posts like this in the days to come.  I still plan to include more informational posts in the future.  I would appreciate comments.  I am still a novice at blogging and love your feedback!

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