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Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Daily 5, like totally!

Daily 5 

the2sisters - Boushey and Moser are the 2 sisters that created the Daily 5.
If you have not read this book I highly recommend it.  You can purchase it on Amazon (click here).  During the reading block, the Daily 5 system simplifies centers by getting back to the basics:  read to self (independently), read with a buddy, listen to reading, writing, and word work.

The "I Love First Grade" Blogger has some useful resources on her Teachers Pay Teachers website.  Click here to check out her resources.

I absolutely love this idea on the "first grade Fanatics" blog.  They incorporate new technology into the listening center by using iPod shuffles.  Check out their page!
I was so inspired by their post that I went to to request funding in order to implement this idea in my classroom next year.  Please read over my project request at



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